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Bringing Heaven to Earth - Week 4

When you read the way the people reacted to his teaching, it really is amazing because no one ever taught like Jesus.

-I love that we see in the Word of God that many people called Jesus “Rabbi - Teacher”

-He taught people how to see and hear what the Father was doing and how to apply it to heir lives.

-As much as Jesus is our chief Apostle and Prophet, He is also the ultimate teacher.

-When you read the way that people reacted to his teaching, it really is amazing because no one ever taught like Jesus.

Let's Read:

Luke 4:31-37

-Before Jesus, everyone taught the information of the law as well as the history of their people.

-But when it came to teaching the law, the depth of revelation only existed as two dimensional.

-That two dimensional reality was, "This is what you can do and this is what you cannot do" (If you do this you will be blessed, if you don’t do this you will be cursed...)

-Jesus comes on the scene and blows everyone away with a third dimension that no one had ever even dreamed of. He didn’t teach the information of do or do not, He taught the dimension of being a son, being a daughter, being a child of God.

Let's Read:

Matt 5:48

-Jesus wasn’t nearly instructing people to do the works of the law, He taught us how to be the sons of God and to do the works of our Father.

-In the Kingdom, this is the primary example of a teacher in its truest sense of the five fold ministry.

-And this is why teachers and impartation are so important in the Body of Christ.

-We’re not here to teach information only.

-We’re here to teach sonship and the reality of living life with a father who has told us we can do the same things He does.

-As a teacher my job tonight is to tell you, "this is who you are, this is what you can do and this is how you do it!"

-And there are so many incredible realities of the kingdom that are placed right here in our spirit. And we need teachers to show us how to get those secrets out into the open and how to live every in every single one of them.

-How to live as a son

-How to forgive

-How to love

-How to heal

-How to restore

-How to build up

-How to succeed

-The list goes on and on and on.

If ever there was a time for kingdom teachers in the body of Christ, now is that time.

The world is not hungry for information, they are hungry for identity, purpose and power. And they need teachers to show them how to do it.